Fields of Observation and Methodological Focus of RLS

Three Focuses of a Livelihood Analysis

To identify the patterns of livelihoods and the specific conditions of poverty, with its constraints and potentials, the SDC puts forward a structured analysis that has three foci. The first two refer to:

  • the context (macro level), and
  • the core (micro level) of livelihoods.

Open the figure in the right hand column and look at what the core and context of livelihoods refer to:

When translated into the SDC's adapted DFID framework and the RLS, the threefold focus contains the context and core of livelihoods, as well as a third focus:

  • Focus I: refers to the key elements in the context of a livelihood system.

  • Focus II: refers to the asset portfolio of a livelihood system.

  • Focus III: refers to the decision making space in which people develop and/or adapt their livelihood strategies and strive for outcomes reflecting their own perception of the internal and external realities of their livelihoods.

Look at the animation in the right-hand column paying special attention to the three foci of a livelihood analysis again step by step:

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