Gated Communities as Safe Havens

Look at the five web pages listed in the right-hand column and read them carefully:

  • What type of web documents are they?
  • How do they present gated communities?
  • What aspects do they specifically emphasise?
  • How is their security presented in these pages?

Summarise your answers in a short note (max 500 words) that you will keep in your personal notes in OLAT.

  • To create a note go to the "General" menu of OLAT in the right hand toolbar and click on "Personal notes".
  • Press the "Edit" button to create a new note.
  • After writing, press the "Save" button to save the note.
  • You can access your notes through the links under "My notes" on your starting page or into the course under "General – Personal notes".

In class the tutor might ask some of you to call up your notes in OLAT and discuss your thoughts in public.

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