Analysing National Poverty Profiles through HDI Indicators

Click on the link in the right-hand column to go through the current Human Development Index country ranking again in order to have a general view of ranks and the index values associated to it:

Then follow the steps below to go through the exercise:

1. Create a table:

  • Go to the Human Development Report "Build your own HDI table" page by clicking on the link in the right-hand column:
  • Create your own table with following information (read the on screen instructions to select and add countries):
  • Choose 2 countries with high human development level, 2 countries with medium human development level and 2 countries with low human development level.
  • Create a human development index table and add all the available HDI indicators.
  • Design the table in a way that makes it well readable and add it to the document in which you will explain the situation of these countries (see step 2)

2. Analyze your table:

  • Make a short note (about 2 pages) comparing the situation of the chosen countries and evaluate what are the different populations' opportunities and risks. Do not only compare between countries of different level. Focus especially on the similarities and differences between countries with a similar human development level.
  • Help can be provided by the general HDI ranking as well as the country profiles which you explore at:
  • Conclude by noting down your reflections about which information these data provide, and what they exclude.

3. Upload your table and your short note on the dedicated OLAT folder as directed by your instructor.

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