Globalisation Processes A

Authors: G. Tejada, N. Backhaus, R. Tuor, O. Ejderyan

What is globalisation?

What is your experience of globalisation?

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson you shall be able to:

  • Define globalisation and identify its main dimensions;
  • Determine and evaluate consequences of globalisation.


To accomplish the learning objectives of this lesson, you shall have to:

  1. Go through an online presentation of images of globalisation (15');
  2. Read the entry text "The Idea of Globalization" by Schirato and Webb (2003) (45');
  3. Read a text and watch a video of a talk by Anthony Giddens (30');
  4. Download and read 4 documents summarising the main ideas of some of the major current globalisation definitions (30');
  5. Fill in a self-assessment questionnaire to test your knowledge and experience of globalisation (20').
  6. Solve a globalisation WebQuest assignment in which you will have to answer a question through completing a web search, discussing your findings and writing them in a short note within a group (90'). A feedback will be given in class by the tutor.

Working through this lesson you will come across the following activities, tests and downloads:




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