Globalisation Processes B

Authors: O. Ejderyan, N. Backhaus, R. Tuor, G. Tejada

Look at the movie of Piccadilly Circus whilst you listen to the introduction.
You can see how several manifestations of globalisation can be experienced in a single place:

"Imagine standing on Piccadilly Circus in London and considering the socio-environmental metabolic relations that come together in this global–local place. Smells, tastes, things, and bodies from all nooks and crannies of the world are floating by, consumed, displayed, narrated, visualized and transformed. The Amazon Forest Shop and Restaurant plays to the tune of eco-sensitive shopping and the multi-billion pound eco-industry while competing with McDonalds' burgers and Dunkin' Donuts. The sounds of world music vibrate from Virgin's Megastore, while people, spices, clothes, foodstuffs and materials from all over the planet whirl by. The neon lights are fed by nuclear processes, coal or gas burning in far-off power plants, while passing cars consume fuels from oil-deposits and pump CO2 into the air, affecting forests, climates and people around the globe." (Swyngedouw 2006).

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson, you shall be able to:

  • Define key processes of globalisation such as homogenisation, fragmentation and glocalisation.
  • Identify these processes in everyday life situations through observation.


To accomplish the learning objectives of this lesson, you shall have to:

  1. Read the presentation on the different dynamics of globalisation (estimated time: 40').
  2. Look at how the dynamics of globalisation are taken into account by economic actors, using the example of the advertising market (estimated time: 40').
  3. Read a text on the processes of globalisation (estimated time: 60').
  4. Take an assessment test: "Globalisation - Assessment of own position" (estimated time: 10').
  5. Complete an observation exercise to identify aspects of globalisation that are surrounding you (estimated time: 120').

Working through this lesson you will come across the following activities, tests and downloads:




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