Embeddedness Questionnaire

Before we proceed to more practical "Examples of Embeddedness" of the actors we have defined, you can receive some feed-back on the knowledge you have acquired by answering some questions on the meta-theoretical aspects linked to the structural model outlined above.

To answer these questions you must have read the documents "Smallholder societies and the safeguarding of complex strategies of action and land use systems" and "Laikipia fact sheet":


1. Wiesmann (1998) put forward a hypothesis for the understanding of smallholder actions and practices (e.g. household strategies): what was it?

2. Name two structural components of the cultural and social system of African smallholder societies.

3. Strategies of action in smallholder societies are primarily based on subsistence-oriented land-use systems. The social and cultural system must harmonise and optimise these individual strategies in order to ensure social security and balance. In which four areas?

  • First write down your answers.
  • Then compare them with the solutions on the right-hand column:

Solution 1: Question

Solution 2: Question

Solution 3: Question

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