Methodologies for Livelihood Research

Conducting Research with a 'Livelihoods Perspective'

Development research can be seen as normative or analytical issue, although it is not always possible to define a clear distinction between the two (see also GLOPP lessons "Livelihoods Perspective I and II").
Understanding poverty with a livelihoods perspective allows a more analytical and participatory approach and helps one to understand what creates and reproduces inequality. Overcoming inequality, however, remains a normative issue.

Open and look at the figure in the right-hand column that shows these two key issues when looking at terminequality:

GLOPP lessons "Livelihoods Perspective I - III" introduced a contemporary analytical approach to the understanding of poverty, inequality and 'development'.

In order to analyse concrete situations in the North or the South using the 'Livelihoods Perspective' inspired by social theory, methodologies and methods from the wide field of social sciences can be applied.

Please refer to textbooks on social science research as recommended by your course instructor.

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