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Relié aux éléments matériels et immatériels nécessaires pour permettre aux gens d’habiter (inhabit) un lieu (logement, infrastructures, services, sanitation). Nous considérons l’habitat comme abri physique et un nombre d’équipements qui nécessitent de l’espace qui doit être approprié, ainsi que les politiques, opportunités de mobilité, avantages divers, capabilités individuelles, connaissances d’expert et moyens financiers.
(in "Habitat and Urban Development")

High-income countries

Classified by the World Bank as countries whose GNP per capita is $9,386 or more.
(in "Describing Poverty")


Homogenisation refers to the claim that the processes of globalisation are leading to cultures and situations becoming increasingly alike. Through the influence of the media and the global economy, places and lifestyles are fast becoming, if not the same, then at least increasingly similar. Since the West, especially the United States of America, has a great impact on these processes, the world is said to be becoming ‘Westernised’ or ‘Americanised’
(in "Globalisation Processes B")


A household is often referred to as a group of people who share a common hearth and share a common stake (interest) in perpetuating and improving socio-economic status. However, there can be no single definition of a household. Different cultures, and different social groups within cultures, will often think of the household in different terms.
(in "Livelihood Research Perspective - Assets, Practices, and Wellbeing")

Household strategies

Households tend to develop the most appropriate livelihood strategy possible, taking into account the livelihood assets at their disposal and their degree of vulnerability. These strategies may lead to more or less satisfactory livelihood outcomes – poverty is the result of "unsatisfactory" livelihood strategies.
(in "Actor-Orientation: Surrounding Conditions")

Human capital/resource

Human capital is a category of livelihood assets. It represents the skills, knowledge, capacity to work, and good health that together enable people to pursue different livelihood strategies and achieve their livelihood outcomes.
(in "Livelihood Research Perspective - Assets, Practices, and Wellbeing")

Human development

Human development is the process of expanding people’s opportunities. The three essential opportunities are to lead a long and healthy life, to acquire knowledge and to have access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living.
(in "Describing Poverty")

Human Development Index (HDI)

A composite of several social indicators that shows the level of development by considering the progress made towards greater human capabilities and choices.
(in "Describing Poverty")
(in "Sustainable Development")


A hybrid defines something that is made from different elements. In the science studies the word is used as a concept to qualify things or problems, which are neither strictly natural nor strictly social. It is increasingly used in relation with human caused environmental problems.
(in "Sustainable Development")

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