Content of the lesson

This lesson shows that globalisation is not a uniform process by introducing the dynamic processes of homogenisation, fragmentation and glocalisation. It is concerned with how poverty is interlinked with processes of economic globalisation. Additionally, the lesson deals with how "observation" constitutes a useful method in qualitative social research, for example when looking at situations of everyday life.

Target group

Introductory lesson:
The lesson can be used for Bachelor students. It is best used in combination with "Globalisation Processes A".

Courses in which the lesson has been used so far

Humangeographie II (GEO 222): 4th semester geography students (ca. 120 students): 2007 (Norman Backhaus)
Humangeographie III (GEO 312): 5th semester geography students (ca. 50 students): 2006 (Norman Backhaus)

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