Content of the lesson

"Development research" is a major element within the intellectual debates of the social sciences about the constitution and internal dynamics of societies. This is outlined in this lesson by the general ideas about the fundamental issues currently debated within the social sciences. The lesson establishes the links between these general debates in the social sciences and their relevance for development research. The lesson picks up the question of why inequality exists and how it can be overcome and, regarding this outlines the main strands of thought within development research like "well-being", the "capability approach" and introduces a structuration-oriented view on inequality and change which led to new analytical approaches such as the "livelihood approach".

Target group

This lesson is rather for advanced students (i.e. Master students).

Courses in which the lesson has been used so far

Theorien und Debatten (GEO 421): geography master students (ca. 20 students): 2007 (Urs Geiser)

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