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Technical Requirements

What you need for your GLOPP visits

The linked software is freeware!


  • current internet browser (as Firefox; depending on browser column errors can occur)


Player / Reader

  • Flash Player Plugin (at least version 8; browser plugin; play .swf files)
  • PDF Reader (as Adobe Acrobat Reader; open and read .pdf documents)

Depending on lesson/block you need additionally:

  • Quick Time Player (browser plugin; play .mov video and audio files)
  • Real Player Plugin (browser plugin; play .ram video files)
  • Windows Media Player (play .wmv video files)

Flash Player Plugin

PDF Reader

Quick Time Player

Real Player Plugin

Windows Media Player

Additional Software

  • software to open .doc or .rtf files (e.g. OpenOffice or Microsoft Word
  • software to open .xls files (e.g. OpenOffice or Microsoft Excel)
  • maybe Microsoft Powerpoint or Powerpoint Viewer (open .pps or .ppt presentations)

The course is offered on the learning platform OLAT at the University of Zurich, but can also be used as CD ROM version or be integrated into other learning platforms as IMS and SCORM packages.



Powerpoint Viewer

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